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Adolescent Care for Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse

Adolescent Care for Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse

Treatment Services for Adolescents

Newport News Behavioral Health Center offers a number of treatment options for adolescents. Our program selection includes inpatient treatment, residential treatment and substance abuse treatment. We also offer our Project Valor program, which is designed to treat sexually aggressive adolescent males.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient programs provide crisis intervention to adolescents who experience acute distress from psychiatric symptoms that require immediate attention. Treatment includes individual, group and family therapy; medication management and medication education. Ongoing care planning assists patients and families in crisis and connects them to appropriate aftercare services.

Psychiatric Residential Treatment

Newport News Behavioral Health Center offers residential treatment to patients ages 11 to 21. Our residential program aims to help residents evaluate behavioral problems and progress, address accomplishments and set weekly goals. Our staff addresses corrective actions and determines if each patient is eligible for social activities, outings and special events.

Comprehensive Assessment Program (CAP)

Our Comprehensive Assessment Program (CAP) provides assessment and treatment of youth with complex emotional, behavioral and psychiatric symptoms. Adolescents receive specialized therapeutic interventions and programming for a 30-, 60- or 90-day assessment period.

This helps us gain a critical understanding of presenting symptoms and determine the ideal treatment options. A comprehensive final assessment report is constructed and presented in order to recommend community partners that can provide appropriate continuing care.

Project Valor: Sexually Aggressive Males Program

The Project Valor Program is designed for the treatment of sexually abusive behaviors within a strength-based environment. The program aims to treat the whole self within a positive peer culture. Adolescents are taught to develop self-worth, significance, dignity and being responsible. The program provides individual and group therapy adapted to help residents understand healthy sexual behavior, mood and behavioral management. 

Adolescents will present insights, program assignments and a relapse prevention plan to a panel of therapists, family and others as appropriate. Program oversight is provided by Certified Sex Offender Treatment Providers (CSOTP).

Substance Abuse Treatment

We offer a residential treatment program for adolescents, ages 11 to 18, who struggle with substance use and behavioral health issues. We treat these residents using a variety of approaches and practices to help them face obstacles and start the healing process.

Help and Hope are Here

Newport News Behavioral Health Center provides behavioral health treatment services to children and adolescents in a therapeutic environment. If your child is struggling with behavioral or emotional issues, please call us at 757-888-0400 or use our online form. 

Licensed professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide confidential, no-cost assessments. In case of a medical emergency, please dial 911 or seek the nearest emergency room right away.