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Programs and Treatments

Programs and Treatments at Newport News Behavioral Health Center

Newport News Behavioral Health Center has developed programs to address the needs of adolescents, ages 11–18, who may be struggling with mental health issues, problematic behaviors, substance use with an underlying mental health diagnosis or trauma. Our well-trained staff of caring professionals creates an environment where growth can occur. The overarching mode of treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with the addition of other modalities as more specific issues are addressed.

The clinical team consists of therapists who are either licensed or under supervision for license. We have therapists with CSAC and/or CSOTP certifications. The leadership of the clinical team has credentials collectively of LPC, CSAC, CSOTP, CSOP (Licensed Professional Counselor, certified substance abuse counselor, certified sex offender treatment professional, certified sex offender professional). This group has the oversight of a psychiatrist that is board certified in adolescent psychiatry and addiction medicine.

Newport News Behavioral Health Center provides a comprehensive residential treatment program, for males and females ages 11–18, within a secure environment. The multidisciplinary team approach to treatment using evidence-based practices in a therapeutic environment maximizes the benefits of individualized treatment services. With the team support, the youth can safely explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to the development of positive and desirable behaviors within their homes and communities.

The residential treatment center staff provides gender-specific services that are based on the stages of development for males and females. The program for males is based on Erick Erikson’s research into adolescent development. The program for females is based on Mindy Bingham’s theories on the development of adolescent females. Each of these programs utilize specific steps to encourage the resident’s growth to the appropriate level of development. The goal of this facet of the program is to promote positive social development to allow the residents to live independent lives.

The Milieu

Milieu management is defined as the art of utilizing the features of the therapeutic community including the guiding principles, rules, structure, traditions, physical environment and values of the community to protect participants from physical manifestations of their own and others’ aggressive impulses; and from perceived threats from sources outside the resident unit. Staff interacts therapeutically with participants, teaching improved social skills, problem-solving skills and relationship skills. Using the individual interactions, activities therapy groups, community meetings and cognitive-behavioral interventions, residents are made aware of how their behaviors affect others and are helped to understand some of the motivations underlying their actions. Staff work systematically to assist the residents in learning alternative methods for coping and in gradually decreasing externally imposed limits to be replaced with increasing internally modulated behaviors which are functional and adaptive.

Aftercare Planning

Discharge planning begins at admission. The treatment team will work directly with the guardian and/or referral agency personnel to identify the desired discharge destination and the timeline and steps to reach this goal. The resident will learn new skills, coping and relational in nature. The opportunity to practice these skills in the community is an important part of the discharge process. In progressive amounts of time starting with two-hour passes and working toward weekend passes, the resident is given the opportunity to incorporate these new behaviors into the outside environment.

The therapist will collaborate with the guardian and referral source to identify the aftercare services that may be critical to continued success after discharge. The guardian will be encouraged to have appointments set up in the community prior to discharge. The continuum of care document will be completed by the therapist and given to the individual facilitating the discharge back into the home and community setting.

Help and Hope are Here

Newport News Behavioral Health Center provides quality mental health treatment services to children and adolescents in a therapeutic environment. If your child is struggling with behavioral health issues, please call us at 757-888-0400. We offer no-cost assessments 24/7.